Important Questions to Ask Before Getting Orthodontic Braces

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Today, braces aren’t just for kids. Many grown-ups and even adults are getting braces to straighten their teeth or fix orthodontic problems. Here are a bunch of questions that you should know before you visit your orthodontist that can help you prepare for braces.

  1. What are the Options Available For Teeth Straightening?

    For orthodontic treatment, you have the option between getting traditional metal braces, ceramic braces or invisible aligners. Your orthodontist will help you select the best option keeping in mind your unique needs.
  2. What Changes Should I Prepare For During Treatment?

    You need to make a few lifestyle changes when you are getting braces. Though it depends on what sort of braces you choose, getting dental braces will only cause a few minor shifts in your daily routine. You’ll have to be slightly more regular with your oral hygiene routine, and a few sticky and hard foods will not be a part of your diet in the beginning. But make sure you consult your orthodontist about bringing necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle before you get orthodontic braces.
  3. How Long Will My Dental Braces Treatment Take?

    The average treatment time for every individual is 18 to 24 months. But the treatment time for orthodontic braces for each person is unique. So while it might take someone 2 years, you might need to wear orthodontic braces for a shorter period of time. Your orthodontist might have an idea about the estimated time after an initial consultation.
  4. How Frequent Will My Follow-Up Visits Be?You will need to visit your orthodontist periodically after getting fitted for orthodontic braces. For traditional metal braces, the follow up is generally once a month, for invisible aligners, it’s every six weeks. But your follow up time might depend on your unique situation.
  5. Should My Oral Hygiene Routine Be Any Different When You Have Braces? How?

    When you have orthodontic braces on your teeth, you need to put in a little extra effort into your oral care. You should always take precautions to avoid damaging braces.Although brushing twice a day is generally recommended, when you wear dental braces, you should brush every time you eat.You should rinse your mouth with water and brushing after every meal should be on your checklist after every meal. Also use waxed floss every meal, because food can still get stuck in your mouth when you get braces.You can also use mouthwash regularly. Toothpaste or a mouthwash with active fluoride can help strengthen your teeth and protect you against cavities.
  6. Will Braces Affect My Lifestyle? How?

    You will need to make a few minor adjustments to your lifestyle after you wear orthodontic braces. You will need to brush, floss and gargle with a mouth wash after every meal, and there will be a few foods that will be off-limits. Other than that, there will not be any hindrance to your lifestyle. If you play a sport, you might need to wear a mouthguard to make sure that your braces are not damaged.
  7. How Much Pain or Discomfort is Involved?

    There will be an initial week or two of a little bit of discomfort while wearing braces, but once you adjust to them, the pain or discomfort is nil. For the first few weeks, it is recommended that you only eat soft foods until you can learn to clean your braces periodically. There are times when braces can cause sore gums, but the orthodontist generally covers the braces and metal wires with a soft piece of wax, so they don’t cause any irritation to your child’s mouth.
  8. What is the Cost of Getting Braces?

    Cost of orthodontic braces might vary depending on the orthodontist you choose. The quality of the braces and the experience of the orthodontist might be the deciding factor in the cost. Make sure to ask your orthodontist what is included in the treatment packages and if there is an extra fee for every follow-up session.

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