These are Signs That You Need to Get Orthodontic Braces Now!


Braces do more than giving you a perfect smile. They improve your oral hygiene and save you from a host of dental problems can lead to more severe diseases.

If you are wondering whether to consult an orthodontist regarding braces, here are a few sure shot signs that you need braces:

Jaw or Tooth Pain Because of Misaligned Teeth
If your jaw is causing you constant pain, it might be because your teeth are misaligned. You might also have problems when you eat food, i.e. during biting or chewing.

Common misaligned teeth issues that can be corrected with braces include:

  • Overbite: This is when your upper front teeth overlap your front lower teeth.
  • Underbite: This happens when your front lower teeth overlap your front upper teeth.
  • Overjet: This happens when upper front teeth point outward over lower front teeth.
  • Crossbite: If your teeth do not align when you smile, you have a crossbite. This can be fixed with the help of orthodontic braces too.

Misaligned teeth can cause difficulty in chewing, which can lead to soreness in jaws and discomfort. This can further aggravate your jaw muscles and cause frequent headaches. Problems with misaligned teeth like these can be fixed with the help of different types of braces.

Gaps Between Your Teeth
Gaps between teeth can be places that are hard to clean with a toothbrush. Hence this can cause a built up of dental plaque and lead to cavities and bacterial infections like gingivitis. Missing teeth, small teeth or gaps between teeth are sure shot signs that you should get braces.

Mouth Pain
This can be caused by a few specific teeth, not the whole area. A few specific teeth can cause excruciating mouth pain because of misalignment or bacterial infection that has developed because of misaligned teeth and infested a particular place in your mouth. You can prevent this by getting braces at the right time.

Crowded or Crooked Teeth
Overcrowded or crooked teeth, i.e., teeth that are slightly tilted, teeth that overlap each other or protrude more than the surrounding teeth are called malocclusions.
Malocclusions can cause the buildup of dental plaque and bacteria. This can cause tooth decay and tooth disease. Orthodontic braces can correct the problem of crooked teeth or crowded teeth.

Speech Impediment
Speech impediments can sometimes develop in adulthood because of oral problems.

Lisps develop in children who are still developing a full set of teeth, but this problem can persist to adults as well. A lisp can be fixed with the help of orthodontic braces.

Gaps in Teeth
When you develop gaps in your teeth, it might start to affect your speech. While this is technically a problem with your bite, commonly known as an open bite, gaps in teeth eventually affect your speech.

Pain When Chewing
If you experience discomfort when eating, it might be because of misaligned teeth, which can also be corrected by orthodontic braces.

Headaches, Earaches and Pain in Jawline
Pain along the jawline is common for people who need teeth straightening. Misalignment of the teeth can cause stress on your jaw which can lead to headaches, earaches and pain in the jawline.

Getting orthodontic braces doesn’t have to be something that should scare you. It is a simple treatment that can change your life for the better. Braces not only give you the confidence to flash the perfect smile, but it can prevent many oral health problems that can cause you trouble in future.

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