Discover the Effects of Smoking While Wearing Invisalign

Invisalign treatment uses clear aligner trays to keep your treatment discreet, but smoking can stain them, even if you remove them.

Stains on Clear Aligners

Removing Invisalign before smoking doesn't prevent damage from tobacco. Nicotine and tar can harm teeth and cause discoloration, erosion.

Trapped Nicotine & Tobacco in Teeth

Smoking while wearing Invisalign increases the risk of tooth decay as trapped tobacco particles remain in your teeth longer, requiring additional treatment.

Decay of Teeth

Frequent smoking interrupts Invisalign's healing process as it requires a minimum of 20-22 hrs wear time daily. Eating & drinking add to the duration

Prolonged Treatment

Smoking harms dental health, causing decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. Smoking with Invisalign risks treatment failure. Quit smoking for wellness.

Poor Oral Health