Sip Smarter: Uncovering Tips for Drinking With Invisalign

Use a straw for sugary/alcoholic drinks to reduce contact with aligners/teeth. Opt for eco-friendly biodegradable straws for extra points

Keep your Invisalign aligners safe by carrying a dedicated case. Store them only in that case to avoid damage or loss

Take off Invisalign for drinks like soda, tea, coffee, etc. Put back on when done. Wear for 20-22 hours daily for treatment success.

Brush after meals and floss daily to avoid bacteria and cavities from drinks.

Drink plenty of water to flush out food debris, keep mouth clean and prevent bacteria buildup.

Invisalign cleaning crystals or alternatives like toothbrush, soaks, mouthwash, etc. can help keep your aligners clean and clear.

Rinse mouth with water before wearing aligners after meals or drinks to avoid any residue or bacteria buildup.

Moderation is key, occasional indulgence in favorite drinks like alcohol, soda, coffee is fine but avoid regularly during Invisalign treatment.