Metal Braces

Even today, conventional metal braces are the most preferred form of orthodontic treatment for teeth that need considerable movement which cannot be achieved with removable aligners. Modern metal braces have become much more comfortable than in the past because they are now flatter, lighter, and smaller in size. Metal braces are suitable for patients of all ages who are looking for a quick and cost-effective orthodontic treatment to enhance their smile.

Why Should You Choose Metal Braces?

  • Highly Effective at Treating Extreme Overcrowding

    If your teeth need significant movement to get into their desired position, then clear aligners may not be effective. Metal braces can efficiently correct even the most complicated problems like overcrowding and different types of malocclusions.

  • Less Expensive as Compared to Clear Aligners

    Metal braces are usually the least expensive orthodontic treatment in comparison to all types of braces and clear aligners and they still give you great results. So, in case of budget constraints, you should definitely opt for metal braces.

  • Higher in Strength and Durability as Compared to Ceramic Braces

    Metal braces are stronger and durable in comparison to ceramic braces that tend to chip off over a long time period. So, if your case needs more correction and the duration of your orthodontic treatment is going to be longer, then metal braces will remain resilient throughout.

If you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective option in braces, that is also quick and comfortable, visit us at our Rome,New Hartford & Watertown NY office. We have extensive experience of enhancing smiles with metal braces.
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