Adult Braces – Here’s all you need to know


Wearing braces has become a necessary evil for kids. But thanks to the awareness of the benefits of orthodontics, adults are turning to orthodontics as a way of correcting their smile.

Adult orthodontic treatment is not just about facial aesthetics; it’s also about correcting misaligned teeth. Misaligned teeth are more difficult to clean, which makes you more susceptible to tooth decay, and gum disease. Malocclusion or misaligned teeth can also give you speech problems and cause jaw pain, temporomandibular joint disorder, and other serious problems.

Though it’s ideal to get orthodontic treatment when you are a child, adults can also be excellent candidates for adult braces treatment.

Adult braces need to be worn for a longer period — of about 18 months to 3 years since their teeth are no longer growing. Adults also have various options for braces – metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, and Invisalign braces.

Many adults prefer Invisalign braces over other adult braces because they are virtually invisible — they do not stick out like a sore thumb in social situations or at work. Invisalign braces are also more flexible because they can be removed during meals and for cleaning.

  1. Make Time to See the Orthodontist

    You need to take time off from your busy work life and see an orthodontist to find out what type of braces will work the best for you.

    Your orthodontist will first check your health, check your bite, obtain photos and X-rays. Once you have worked with your orthodontist to decide a course of action, the orthodontist may want to take an impression or scan of your teeth for a fitting of your braces or aligners.

    Once you get fitted with either Invisalign braces or metal braces, you will need to visit your orthodontist every four to six weeks.

  2. Change Your Diet Plan

    There will be a whole list of foods you will need to avoid when you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. If you have Invisalign braces, there are certain dos & don’ts of eating with Invisalign. But if you are wearing metal braces, you will have a list of foods you need to avoid like:

    • Sugary and starchy food (chocolates, caramel, taffy)
    • Sticky and chewy food (dried fruits, chewing gum)
    • Hard foods (nuts, hard candy, beef jerky, popcorn)

  3. Amp Up Your Oral Hygiene Routine

    Oral hygiene is essential whether or not you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. When you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, you need to be a little more careful about your dental hygiene routine.

    If you have adult braces (metal), you need to brush after every meal with a toothbrush with soft bristles. It’s important also to floss and use a mouthwash to make sure food hasn’t gotten stuck in your braces.
    If you have Invisalign braces, you need to not only clean your teeth but also clean your Invisalign trays before you put them on after a meal.

    Set an oral hygiene routine for your aligners to make sure they don’t develop discoloration or get an odor. Take your aligners out every morning and clean your teeth and trays thoroughly to prevent bacteria buildup.

Overall, getting adult braces are a good investment for your future, no matter what your age is. Taking care of your teeth in your 30s to 50s will help you get a happy and healthy smile, which enables you to make a good first impression professionally and socially. The braces also help correct spaces between teeth and avoid dental problems like dental plaque, cavities, or gum disease.

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Dr. Satish Pai, M.D.S

Dr. Satish Pai is an orthodontist and Ivy League trained dentist who has served as a faculty at Columbia University. He believes a perfect smile not only makes a person look great but feel great. As the founder of Putnam Orthodontics and a Partner at Brite Orthodontics, he is dedicated to providing the best orthodontic treatments to his patients. He also writes to educate people about everything orthodontics and the importance of correctly aligned teeth along with good oral health. In his free time, you can find him golfing, doing yoga or surfing, and spending time with his family.

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